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  • Let's venture together into charming grand Italian places to revitalize our energy.

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    Peace at the St Peter Basilica

    Like a God

    Pantheon | LIFE

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    The Grandeur of my life

    Piazza Navona | JOY

    Wind in the Air

    Wind in the hair

    Colosseo | ENERGY

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    For once in my life

    Photographic reportage | LIFE

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    Smelling Roses in Capri

    Capri, Via Tragara | PEACE

    Peace | Christian Rome

    I did it my way

    St Peter Basilica | PEACE

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    For your eyes only

    Campo dé Fiori market | LIFE

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    Time stands still

    Capuchin Crypt | LIFE

    broken image

    Feel the magic

    Piazza Venezia | CALM

    On streets !

    The early bird catches the worm

    Trevi fountain | ENERGY

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    Thinking of you

    Pompei | LIFE

    broken image

    As if we never said goodbye

    Piazza del Popolo | LIFE

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    Sitting on the dock of the bay

    River Tevere, Private Club | LIFE

    broken image

    Shhh !

    Keyhole in Aventin hill | LIFE

    broken image

    Across the universe

    Borghese Gardens | LIFE

    broken image

    All by myself

    Via Margutta | LIFE

    broken image

    A brief romance

    Monte Argentario, Tuscany | CALM

    broken image

    Stuck in a moment

    Rooftop Hotel | LIFE

    broken image

    I don't want to be alone

    Borghese Gallery | LOVE

    broken image

    Stay by me

    Colosseo | CALM

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    Reenactment | PEACE

    broken image

    The greatest show

    Reenactment | PEACE

    broken image

    It was fascination

    Piazza Navona | LIFE

    broken image

    Dont' stop me now

    Ischia island | CALM

    broken image

    Thank's God is Friday

    St. Angelo, Ischia island | LIFE

    broken image

    Imagine being here

    Amalfi | LIFE

    broken image

    Running to stand still

    Vatican Museums | ENERGY

    broken image

    There was a boy

    Necropolis, Cerveteri | PEACE

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    Ancient Ostia | PEACE

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    -3,-2,-1, Fire !

    Gianicolo | ENERGY

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    St Peter Basilica | ENERGY

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    Under the Tuscan sun

    Montepulciano | PEACE

  • I'm Susannetta, Your Personal Concierge.

    I'm Susannetta, your personal concierge. Contact me

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    Better to text me as I am often guiding.

    +39 349 623 61 73

    I do have Whatsapp | Viber | Telegram

Susannetta Concierge

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