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The golden rules of our natural food tasting.


Learn the golden rules to select only the freshest produce for authentic Italian cuisine.

About your Guide, Gianluca

What we’ll do

Explore hidden food gems off the beaten paths in Trastevere. We will indulge our senses with different qualities of Roman products... and of course we have selected for you other regional foods that are really delicious in Testaccio area.
We will buy some products in the ancient farmer’s market together during the weekend days. Finally we will eat all together in one of the oldest restaurants in the historical center.

Where are we going

Rome is the greenest city in Europe, has one of the strongest cheeses and wine culture. Moreover, many different cultures melted here since longtime: old Romans, Jewish, Greeks, Spanish, Arabian, Americans… In some selected delicatessen shops in Trastevere, Jewish Ghetto or Testaccio, we will taste together not only pizza or pasta, but much more of our traditions: cold cuts, sweets, cheeses, handmade pastries, seasonal products, At the end, we will toast to la bella vita satisfied and happy!

Price: 85 €/each

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