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The Golf cart Adventure of a surprising Rome


Driving a Golf cart in Rome will surprise you:

the warm light caresses the monuments, the wind moves through the trees and refreshes our faces ...

About Your Guide, Mario

What we’ll do

Together with our guide, we'll capture the moment while we are discovering the most charming places of the personality of Rome and its lifestyle.
After we have travelled with our experienced driver through the narrow streets of the old city, the courts of the baroque and the unforgettable views in the old town, we'll relax in magic sunny terraces to toast with a fresh prosecco thinking how sweet is life ... and then suddenly the Grandeur of Rome conquers us with its beauty and charm !

Where are we going
From the chariots races in Circus Maximus to the Thermal Baths of Diocletian, after a charming ride through Borghese Garden, we will squeeze through the narrow cobbled streets of the medieval Trastevere. We will be fascinated by the grandeur of the papal royal courts in Piazza Navona and in Piazza Farnese while we explore the traditional bricks of the old jewish ghetto.

Finally, we’ll stop in the Aventin hill to realize that even a keyhole can be interesting in Rome !

Price: 85 €/each

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