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Tivoli and My Charming Grand Tour !

Immerse yourself in a magical world shaped by dreaming fantasy, among lavish architectures, waterfalls, fountains, and recharge your body and soul in the charming beauty and calming music of nature

What we will do

“Villa” is the first word that comes out if you think, talk or read about the Roman town of Tivoli. Indeed, nothing is so powerful, unforgettable and magnificent in this town than the three monumental villas, spanning from ancient Roman times to the 19th century. The three villas animate Tivoli's surroundings with their stunning beauty and their unique combination
of nature and architecture. Powerful landscapes made of waterfalls, ponds,
hanging gardens and groves embrace and hide ambitious architectural creations
sprung out as dreams from the minds of past leaders.

Where are we going  

Medieval lively Tivoli itself is worth a visit. However, there are three wonders you'll bring in your memories
forever: Hadrian’s Villa, astonishing for its complexity and vastness and its
wonderful water mirrors; Villa d’Este, with its awarded hanging gardens
enriched by more than a hundred pools and fountains that play music; and,
finally, Villa Gregoriana, with its rocky, wild landscape and its incredible

There is not a better place than this to perceive a sense of
sublime and to feel the inspiring power of both nature and human dreams.

Villa d'Este: amazing awarded gardens with exceptional fountains

Hadrian's Villa: amazing imperial villa ( combination of many building in ruins surrounded by
green trees and water mirrors )

Villa Gregoriana this is normally not included in the group tour, but since you love gardens, this place is lovely to be visited as it's wilder and with incredible water falls

Pictures here.

Be enchanted by Villa D'Este

Close to Rome there is the Villa of the Cardinal Ippolito d'Este, the ideal place to relax and discover the garden with fountain that play music (Tivoli & Villa d'Este).

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