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Orvieto & Civita di Bagnoregio

Relax out of Rome

Away from the bustling city of Rome, we will immerse ourselves into the magnificent scenery of the Tuscia region (northern Latium), to recharge our energies and fill our eyes with breathtaking landscapes and artistic treasures.

What we’ll do

We will leave busy Rome and its crowds for an enchanting full day trip among imposing volcanic tufa rocks and enchanting towns, to recharge our mind and soul with the amazing view of historical and artistic treasures beautifully hidden in nature.

We will discover small towns with their cobblestone streets and alleys where you can breathe the captivating scent of tradition and antiquity intertwined with modern and contemporary life, modern houses dug into the tufa rock, an imposing 14th century Gothic cathedral with a gold-and-mosaic façade, a footbridge suspended in the air, the most famous Italian dying city...each and every one of these places will enchant you and be part of your memories forever!

+ Meeting location: your place in Rome

+ Starting time: 8:30 am

+ Duration: 6/7 hours

+ Min: 4 pers Max: 8

Where are we going

An oasis of peace, charme and tranquillity waits for you just one hour away from the capital: it is the Tuscia region, surprisingly and extraordinarily beautiful, especially for the magical atmosphere of its enchanting towns rising on the summit of large volcanic plateaux and the breathtaking view you may enjoy from the top.

There are tons of reasons to visit Orvieto, the city inhabited since the 7th century BC: the famous Renaissance Pozzo di San Patrizio, an engineering marvel with its double helix spiral ramp going down for 180 feet, the Gothic cathedral, one of the most beautiful and meaningful churches of Italy, the private houses dug out from the volcanic rock and built on top of ancient buildings (still used as food storage areas and basements!)...and last but not least, the chance to have a great wine tasting experience in the main square facing the dome or in one of the many ancient underground rooms scattered through the town.

And what about Civita di Bagnoregio, the “dying city”? We will enter it after passing a dramatic landscape made of volcanic formations and cliffs and a thrilling walk on a narrow and long pedestrian bridge made of reinforced concrete. The very few present inhabitants of this town will enhance your feeling to be cast back in time to a prehistoric place out of time and space.

A day-trip with charming views that will inspire you forever!

Price: 175 € per person

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Susannetta Concierge

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