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Gladiator for 1 Day

Be in a real arena with the best Gladiators of Ancient Rome: are you ready to fight against Maximus ?

Whilst the sunshine caresses stones and marbles, we will explore the icons of ancient Rome and its empire and walk back to ancient times in a dreamy, magical atmosphere

What we will do

The Roman civilization is one of the main unifying actors in the history of Europe and the Mediterranean. As one of the greatest people ever, the Romans ruled an extensive empire, stretching from the sands of the Sahara to the mouth of the Rhine, and greeted many cultures, making them coexist in an extraordinary melting pot. Kids and adults will be enchanted by the incredible stories unveiling the secrets of this success and the reasons of Rome’s fall. The powerful message hidden behind them is unforgettable for mind, heart and soul!

+ Duration: 2 hours

+ Meeting point: Appian Way

+ What to bring: Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Bring with you some water or a cap in a warm and sunny day.

Where are we going

Walking in the Colosseum, through the Roman Forum valley and on the Palatine hilltop really means travelling back in time and stepping into the places where Rome built its ancient glory. With the help of imagination and visual materials, we will have the thrilling chance to attend the gladiator and hunting games into the largest amphitheater of the world, to pass along triumphal arches as an ancient Roman, and to feel like emperors overlooking their dominion from lavish palaces. Emotions you will never forget!


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