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Ostia Antica: My Roman Pompeii


Live an extraordinary experience back in time! Enjoy the evocative echo of our steps on the streets of the ancient city of Ostia and walk side by side with the ancient Romans

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What we’ll do

The words are not enough to describe the sense of enjoyment, fulfillment, and ease that will capture your mind and soul as we will step into the ancient city of Ostia immersed in the marvellous Mediterranean vegetation and will walk through its monumental remains, in the cool shade and resinous scent of umbrella pines.

Close by, the Roman coast invites you to have a further stop after the walk and indulge in a delicious, unforgettable lunch by the sea, in a dazzling light and a seductive breeze which bring you the scent of eternity.

Where we are going

More than two millennia ago and until the fall the Roman empire, Ostia was the main commercial port of the entire region. Wonderfully preserved, “our Roman Pompei” gives us a very clear idea of ancient daily life, much more than Rome itself! Laundries, private houses and palaces, shops, even a firefighters’ station still stand, side by side with public buildings, baths, temples and theatres, to recreate in our mind a perfect, stunning picture of how an ancient Roman city looked like and how its inhabitants experienced and enjoyed day by day its cultural, religious, political, social, and entertainment opportunities.

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