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The Bike Tour in Brompton of the "Might of Rome"


Whilst we journey through the green hills of Rome we will pass through the arches of the ancient aqueducts, we will be inspired by the glimpse of monuments with their stately charm
and hand crafted workmanship.

About Your Guide, Susannetta

What we’ll do

In the heart of the city we rent our bikes, then we ride through the charming Borghese garden with green leaves dancing in the wind. Afterward we’ll explore the historical center squeezing from the narrow intricate streets to the grandeur of his plaza surrounded by beautifully built palazzi. After a long easy ride, we will relax over sunny terraces with unforgettable views admiring the great personality of this city unique in the world.

Where are we going

After a charming ride through Borghese Garden, our eyes will be enchanted by the renaissance facade of our aristocratic palazzi, by the white facades of our churches and basilicas, while we ride along the baroque courtyards of Piazza Navona, Piazza Farnese and Spanish Steps and the ruins of ancient Rome, Circus Maximus, Pantheon, Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto.

Price: 48 €/each

Price for Appian Tour 3.5 hour: 68€/each

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