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The Buongiorno tour of the very Best of Rome


Rome reveled its very best under a magic light.

About Your Guide, Rosa

What we’ll do

Early in the morning, be inspired by the glimpse of monuments with their stately charm
and hand crafted workmanship. You will fall in love at this time of the day, with the great personality of the city, that will appear us like the "capital of a vanished world."

Where are we going

With the first lights of the day, you will walk in empty squares and streets of the city, surrounded by the silence of white aristocratic palazzi and flanked by crashing fountains. From Trevi fountain, we will admire the surprising personality of the city passing closely to the most well preserved pagan temple, Pantheon to the baroque courtyards of Piazza Navona and Spanish Steps. Finally, we’ll end the tour in front of the majesty of St Angel Castle.

Price: 65 €/each

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Susannetta Concierge

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