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Your Ideal Love in Borghese Gallery

Be inspired by the sensual art of the Borghese family: communicate to all the world your unforgettable emotions.

About Your Guide, Rosa

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What we’ll do

You have a mission to achieve: Find your Ideal love inside the Borghese Gallery​ with the Cardinal Scipione and his huge unbelievable collection of Art. After finding your love, communicate to all the World your unforgettable emotions ! ( A place needs to be booked soon, as there are limited spots ) Will you be the protagonist of the advertising campaign of Borghese Gallery ?

The Director of Borghese Gallery will nourish your imagination with hidden clues and unexpected stories on fabulous artworks and historical families.

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Where are we going

Borghese Gallery​ is one of the most wonderful places in the world: it’s like a shrine of art and love. Inside you will immerse yourself in incredible masterpieces that will certainly inspire you on how to find your ideal love. You will get several keys to interpret the wonders of Borghese Gallery that you can use for other works of art too!


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