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Your Personal Colosseo Tour: Life as a Gladiator


Treat yourself with a magical atmosphere in Colosseo, Palatin and Foro Romano, whilst the sunshine caresses the stone and the marble

About Your Guide, Fabio

What we’ll do 

Through the maps of ancient Rome we learn that theRoman civilization is one of the greatest unifying actors in the history of Europe and Mediterranean civilizations. The extensive empire ruled by the
Romans stretched from the sands of Sahara to the mouth of Rhine. We will learn
the secrets of its success and the reasons of its collapse.

Where are we going 

We will walk through the arches of ancient aqueducts along the ruins of beautifully built palazzi, admiring the celebrative columns and triumphal arches of the golden age of the empire. We will attend the
Gladiator games and the animal hunts in the largest amphitheater in the world, the Colosseum. Finally, we will feel like the first emperors on top of their hill in their amazing palazzi.

Price: 65 €/each


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