Last night Italy decreed a strict lockdown for the entire country - schools, museums, churches and many business are closed.

    We've been asked to stay home as much as possible through April 3, to limit Coronavirus spread.

    I feel safe and I take advantage of this forced free time,

    but many others have lots of anxiety and fear about the virus, plus now are frustrated about the limits placed on us.

    Right now as Italians we are all asked to be


    a Jew soldier, armed only with a sling and five smooth stones, who in 1000 BC in Judea defeated


    a Philistines 3-meter (120 inches) tall giant, armed with heavy armor.

    He's a simple men facing a big challenge. ✊ Stay focused and let's throw our stone !

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    Please pray for peace and unity, all over the world.


    Thank you all.

    10th March Rome


    Let's venture together into charming grand places to revitalize our energy.

    Information about the coronavirus epidemic


    Situation in Italy - updated to 5th March

    Remember that currently the countries with the most cases are Italy, Japan and Korea which, as is known, are the ones that have the best health systems in the world in terms of prevention.

    Updates:here and here - English website for ANSA,Italy's major news agency.

    Italy is experiencing a more critical situation because it is looking for cases more actively than others countries (airports controls, more than 4000 swabs, hospital control in all those who develop signs of pneumonia and not only in those who have had contact with China).

    Expert opinion (here): Maria Rita Gismondo, director of Clinical Macrobiology, Virology and Bio-emergency Diagnostics of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, says

    " It's "madness" to consider "an infection more serious than a flu as a specific lethal pandemic".

    Coronavirus is a serious infection due to its spread that it currently has in Italy. I use the word 'infection' and not pathology, because pathology is something else. Today in Italy we have very few coronavirus patients, we can count on half the fingers of one hand. All the others are particularly immunosuppressed patients who obviously would have a complication also from flu. I remember the data of the Ministry of Health - she continues - every year 2 thousand-3 thousand people die in Italy due to indirect flu. In the case of coronavirus, on the other hand, we are talking about 3-4 people who have arrived in the hospital because they have cancer endings or are already life threatening for their previous pathologies. So, we must give a correct message of great attention, because it is a new virus for which we do not have a vaccine.

    Of course our goal is to limit any new infections.

    But be careful not to create panic. "

    Take the right precautions

    Together we keep Italy and the world strong !

    I strongly encourage all my guests to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves while traveling and to keep updated in the official website CDC.

    For US citizens, particularly, the CDC has issued a Level 2 Alert, on 29th Feb a Level 3 (here), which means to “Practice Enhanced Precautions“ and Avoid Nonessential Travel, ie

    • washing your hands often
    • avoiding contact with sick people 
    • avoiding touching your face, eyes and mouth with unwashed hands. 

    The complete list of recommendations is at the source,

    look at the info beside too.

    It is suggested that elderly tourists avoid Northern Italy if they have chronic health issues. Lombardy and Veneto are Level 4 (Do Not Travel) according to CDC.

    In the event you're traveling from the UK, the Department of Health and Social Care has issued this document (here)


    10 Steps to Follow Before Rethinking Your Plans

    On this very subject, the website for Conde Nast Traveler lists a number of things you can do before taking the decision of cancelling your trip.

    The article is here (here).


  • Information about the Coronavirus in Rome

    Share your love not the virus.

    What's the Coronavirus situation like in Rome?

    Updated to March 6th

    The reality in Rome right now is that life goes on. The city is not in lockdown, everything works (or in some cases doesn't work) as normal. From 4th March schools are closed until 14th March for stronger precautions.

    At present, a total of three people have had symptoms in Rome: they've been hospitalized last January and they've since all made a full recovery.

    True, there is the story of the woman in Fiumicino - the area close to the main airport with a separate administration to the capital - who tested positive for the Coronavirus, along with her husband and one of her two children, after returning from northern Italy. However follow-up tests on 51 people in the family's closest circles have all proved negative.

    There is also the new case of the diocese of Rome closing the central church of S. Luigi dei Francesi after a French priest (and former resident) tested postive for the virus in Paris, after driving home across Italy and France in mid-February.

    However - for now - these are isolated cases and do not directly affect the capital, a vast city with a population of over four million, which attracts around 15 million tourists a year.

    Updates here every hour.

    Daily updates:

    Press conference of the Head of Civil Protection A. Borrelli at 6 pm on

    + March 5th : 

    3296 coronaviruses infected in Italy (31 in Rome, 1 in Vatican City), deaths 148, 414 recovered (3 in Rome)

    + March 4th : 

    2706 coronaviruses infected in Italy (12 in Rome), deaths 107, 276 recovered (3 in Rome)

    + March 3rd : 

    2263 coronaviruses infected in Italy (12 in Rome), deaths 79, 160 recovered (3 in Rome)

    + March 2nd : 

    1835 coronaviruses infected in Italy (12 in Rome), deaths 53, 149 recovered (3 in Rome)

    + March 1st : 

    1577 coronaviruses infected in Italy, deaths 34, 83 recovered (3 in Rome)

    + February 28th: 

    888 coronaviruses infected in Italy, deaths 21, 45 recovered (3 in Rome)

    + February 27th: 

    650 coronaviruses infected in Italy, deaths 17, 45 recovered (3 in Rome)

    + February 26th: 

    470 coronaviruses infected in Italy, deaths 12, 3 recovered in Rome

    + February 25th: 

    283 coronaviruses infected in Italy, deaths 7, 1 recovered in Rome

    Nowdays, at Lazzaro Spallanzani infectious disease hospital, we have 10 people under control.

    A researcher who was in quarantine, has recovered is in Rome

    Here are the other only two cases in Rome: the two Chinese citizens who were the first cases registered in Italy, recovered on Feb 26th."

    Updates here .


    Authorities have taken precautions

    Avoid unnecessary concern by tourists and the possible spread of Coronavirus.

    The Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology has determined the closure of all catacombs in Italy, which of course include Rome, as they're tight, enclosed spaces with high humidity and low air flow. (On the 4th they re opened )

    Similarly, some of the sites included in the popular Free Museum Sunday scheme are indoors only and enclosed, so the organizers have temporarily suspended nationwide the next scheduled event, which was due on March 1st.

    Signs and information on the virus are on public transportation and at major sites.


    Why you shouldn't postpone your trip to Rome

    Make a decision that makes sense for you

    Unless your airline has suspended flights to Italy has a precautionary measure,

    Rome is a perfectly safe destination right now.

    You should merely observe the authorities’ suggested health procedures as you visit public spaces like airports, train stations and the like.

    Make sure you are updated about your country’s official stance on the Coronavirus outbreak and your airline’s/cruise line’s policies at this time.

    Consider also when your trip is planned:

    we’re having a very mild February in Rome right now,

    which has limited the spread of the virus, and also we’re getting close to the actual spring.

    There is no need whatsoever to cancel your holiday if it’s planned for April, May, June and following months.

    You may want to get updated information before deciding if it is, indeed, planned before then.



    What you can do if you visit Rome right now

    Connect with me here: I’m available to answer all of your questions!

    Did your holiday program include Rome's catacombs?

    As you wait for them to re-open, you can reschedule your activities in Rome:

    • going off the beaten path: all museums in Rome are open to the public, but if it makes you feel more at ease, you can contact me for options of less crowded destinations in the city - museums and landmarks that are not packed with tourists
    • choosing outdoor activities or outside of the city center - an opportunity to learn more about other areas of Rome or outside of Rome

    Follow good habits against any virus

    “Mens sana in corpore sano” as the Romans said.

    • favoring a healthy lifestyle, enjoy quality drinking, eating 
    • minding how we perceive the media messages: adopt and select a clear and healthy communication without being overwhelmed:  stay solid.
    • boosting your immune system through a correct nutrition (a diet high in fruits and vegetables), avoiding stress and getting the correct amount of sleep. Taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement can help! 
    • Avoid any unnecessary stress: remember, the well-being of one’s mind affected the body (and vice-versa!),  listen to one's emotions and appreciate life through love at this time


  • how can YOU avoid to be part of this media paranoia



    "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

    My fellow citizens of the world, ask not what we will do for you,

    but what together we can do for the freedom of man."

    John F. Kennedy 1961


    Since the situation could evolve,

    I recommend that you regularly monitor the site of the relevant bodies

    so as not to miss any updates.


    I have compiled

    a list of useful resources:



    if you do not find the one relating to your area, check with the competent local authority.



    Keep you updated.

    What's going on.


    On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the public health emergency of international relevance (PHEIC) for the current epidemic of coronavirus-associated disease, also known as COVID-19.

    Given the health and safety risks posed by this virus,

    I kindly ask all my guests to consult their local government's travel directions and health recommendations related to the outbreak, in addition to global WHO claims.


    World Health Organization (WHO)

  • it's time

    to be focused only on













    To recharge your energy,
    fully immerse yourselves in the charming grandeur of our inspiring places.

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