• It's time to

    be focused only on


    I'm Susannetta, Your Personal Concierge.

    I'm here to help you

    to plan your trip


    to enhance your holidays.

  • How does Susannetta Concierge work?

    I'm Susannetta, your Personal Concierge, Italian expert, holiday planner, certified tour guide.

    I'm here to help to plan your trip.

    It's good to have an expert to unwind in Rome and in Italy, in order to skip long queues and enhance your holidays.



    About my VISION

    All my colleagues guides & collaborators are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate, since our vision is to help you to immerse yourselves in charming grand places to revitalize your energy and to live the local experience.



    In my free holiday plan, you will receive some tours and experience proposals based on your passions.
    You will always have me as a point of reference.

    I will personalize those experiences for you, according to your needs.
    After I have sent you my fantastic holiday plan,
    please consider that within 2 mails we will have your holiday plan finalised !


    Save your precious time and avoid to make the 5 big mistakes when in Rome: choose my detailed itinerary planned for you according to your needs for a fee (35€ for each profile traveller up to 3 days holidays )
    [ local hidden PLACES, Best time to VISIT, How to reach, Tickets, 2 RESTAURANTS for dinner, smart tips to avoid queues and move around in Italy ]


    I provide:

    + booking of the activities contained within the holiday plan

    + restaurants and more tips (i.e. shopping) in my secret group on Facebook.
    Here is the invitation.

    In 48 hours you will get the plan that you choose .

  • After we have travelled through the UNFORGETTABLE VIEWS

    we'll relax in magic sunny terraces

    to toast with a fresh prosecco thinking how sweet is life

    ... and then suddenly the Grandeur of Rome conquers us with its beauty and charm !

Susannetta Concierge

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