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Norcia Truffles Festival

23rd February

History, Spirituality, Great Food

Truffles are treasures, gifts from the earth.

When you eat truffles you can taste Italy’s history through one of its food masterpieces.

Welcome to Norcia’s Truffles Festival!

Norcia is placed in a beautiful valley in Umbria, the region known as the “land of Saints”, as many of the most known Catholic Saints came from this area.

Walking by the cobblestone alleys our eyes will be enchanted by the smell of the famous "salami di cinghiale", "prosciutti di Norcia", "Palle del ragioniere" and cheeses and they will feast on the famous variety of colours that make the little medieval town of Norcia unique.

In fact the word “Norcineria” (the butcher/delicatessen shops where you can find local products like pork, wild boar, cheese, truffles, lentils and so on), comes from Norcia.

History, spirituality and great food meet here.

Umbria is the green heart of Italy and the town of Norcia really shows the deep bond between culture, food, and love for the land.

Join our small, international group and taste with us the best local food as you visit the Truffles Festival and learn to love the specialties in the Norcinerie

Enjoy the view from the hilltop in Norcia’s surroundings and spend the afternoon walking through history and tradition visiting the famous Abbey of Sant' Eutizio.

At the end of the day we’ll toast to the treasures of this beautiful land satisfied by an inspiring sense of calm and naturalness.

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Let us take care of every detail of the daytrip plan: you’ll just have to relax and enjoy the company and the adventure.

Norcia Truffle Festival


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