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    BBsuites has selected for your his favorite 4 attractions in Rome that you cannot miss.





    It's time to focus only on yourself.




    We call it ‘EMOTIONAL Tourism’, and YOU are the main actor of this experience,

    following YOUR interests, your passions, your emotions








    Sometimes online and offline official informations are not really clear or updated

    Trust our expertise


    It's hard to decide what to visit according to your needs, time and passions.

    Rome is rich

    Rome has a long history, only a friendly local guide, knowledgeable and passionate will unveil you its complicate personality

  • Let's venture together into charming grand Italian places to revitalize our energy.

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  • Be focused only on yourself

    Discover Rome thanks to our magic formula !

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    Ciao, I am Marco from BBSuites

    "Since 15 years,

    BBSUITES has been welcoming you to Rome, telling you about the most beautiful city in the world with a passion for hospitality and love for art.

    From today, we choose to do it thanks the expertise of an exceptional storyteller, our Susannetta Concierge.

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    Ciao, I am Susanna from Susannetta Concierge

    Let's venture together into charming grand places to revitalize our energy

    Benvenuti a Roma❤
    from your personal Concierge Susannetta


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