Let's venture together into charming grand places to revitalize our energy.

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    Live the luxury of Venetian Carnival

    12th February - 5th March 2022: Walking tour

    Come to Venice for the Festa of Carnival with our local guide in an intimate international group. We are going to explore 5 of the most characteristic Sestrieres (neighborhoods) of Venice.



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    Rome, the city of LOVE

    14th February: Your ideal love

    Love is always in the air in this divine city. Rome has a number of attractions that make it more and more beautiful and worth visiting.



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    The Marathon of Rome

    27th March 2021: Rome is an open air museum

    While your friends are signed up for the Marathon,

    immerse yourself in the beauty of the city riding your bike through the picturesque cobbled streets.



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    Holy Friday in Rome

    15th April 2022: Rome, capital of a vanished world

    After we have squeezed through the narrow streets of the old city, the courts of the Baroque and the unforgettable views of the old town, we'll relax in magical sunny terraces to toast with a fresh prosecco, thinking how sweet life is.



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    Birthday of Rome

    21st April 2022: Happy 2774th Birthday !

    Driving a Golf cart in Rome will surprise you:

    the warm light caresses the monuments, the wind moves through the trees and refreshes our faces ...



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